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Back in the day, whenever you would hear the word 'gamer' you would probably picture the cliché. A nerd with thick-framed spectacles. Seated in front of two or even three computer screens. For long periods of time. In his/her bedroom, which happens to have thick curtains, to keep the light out.

Today, thanks to our advancement in technology, we have much more people who fit in the 'gamers' umbrella. Gaming has, in the recent past, been made less complex, especially with the increasing use of the mobile phone.

Nowadays most mobile phone game developers are more focused on developing games that do not require too much attention.

Get Started Easier With Modern Games

Games that do not take up too much of your time in getting them started. Games that can be easily played on the go. Games with easy controls. Games that take a very short time to complete the levels.

With their pick-up-and-play characteristic, these games will allow you to stop playing whenever need be and save your progress for your next gaming session. This simplicity is what has the 'casual gamers' hooked on these mobile phone games. For a generation that is as busy as ours, where everyone wants everything instantly, simplicity becomes quite endearing.

But for the diehard gamers, they will always appreciate the effort involved in conquering quests in games. Let us take a look at one such game, that happens to be quite popular in the mobile games world.

About the Game

Supercell (an international mobile gaming company founded in 2010) is the one behind Clash Royale – a free to download, multi-player battle game.

If you recognise the characters featured in the game, let me answer your question. Yes, they are the same ones as those that are in Clash of Clans. Also featuring are the Royales: Knights, Princes, Dragons and much more. It is compatible with both iOS as well as Android.

This is a game of strategy. It is also a role playing game (this means, the players basically embody the characters in the game, and they are usually constantly faced with a conundrum of decisions, in order to go further in the game). But what makes the successful game a little bit unique, is the fact that you can move absolutely freely on game’s arena and you also have absolute control of your characters.

One aspect of this game that has made it so popular since it was released back in the month of March 2016, is this: you get to fight the enemy, but in real time! And if you think that is cool, get a load of this: the enemy fights back in real time too!!!

How to Play

In a nutshell, this is what you need to know, in order to play the mobile game on pro level. The game is a clever combination of elements from card games and battle games. The cards you collect will be used in battle to summon spells and troops. Your timing will be key to your advancement in this game. You need to know when to be on the offence and when to defend. You will need to knock out your enemies from their towers, so as to defeat your opponents. Doing this will win you trophies, crowns and the much-coveted glory in the arena. Eventually, you will be required to form a clan. In this clan, you can share your cards and end up building your battle community.

Of course, there is a learning curve to any game, so expect your troops to be outmatched and outplayed at first. However, keep in mind that the more troops you use, the longer it will take for Elixir to regenerate (normally it takes 2.8 seconds for every Elixir).

Sounds complex? Fret not. Supercell came up with a series of beginner levels, where you go through the game, battling a computer generated opponent. Once you successfully finished these levels, you will be ready to battle real opponents in real time.

You will also need plenty of premium in game currency, but don't worry, we can get you free Clash Royale gems in just a few short minutes (or less). You are really lucky that you have found our website!

The Role of Clash Royale Cheats

As with every game, there comes a time where you find yourself out of resources. In this game, these resources might be gold, gems, or Elixir. As a gamer, the frustration associated with not being able to continue playing because of lack of resources is unbearable. If you are like me and you hate losing as much as I do, here is where you start thinking of cheats.

All the cheats in the game have been combined together, read more on the page about why there are no Clash Royale cheats codes. With this hack, you will be able to save yourself a good amount of cash, and so much time.

You do not want to spend all your time waiting for a chest to unlock, or just so that you can have the cards that you desire. You want to be out in the arena, on the battlefield, where the action is, perfecting your fighting skills. This hack will provide unlimited resources that will remain at your disposal. Just go to the system, enter your credentials, select whatever device you are using and get your resources free of charge. No need to download it. (I mean, having space on your machine as a gamer is of the essence.)

Getting unlimited resources is cool and everything, but once you know to what extent this hack tool aids your game, you will not be able to appreciate it for what it brings to the table. With an unlimited number of gems, you will be empowered to buy cards, buy gold, and open chests (that take up to two weeks to open) instantly.

Is it safe to use the Online Tool?

However, there is always a risk when you decide to use the advantages of cheats or a hacking tool, to further yourself in a game. Should the developers (i.e. Supercell) catch up with your hacking, they will most likely have your account banned. That is why this hack tool uses proxies, and frequent updates, to prevent the developers from tracking you down and consequentially locking you out of this amazing virtual experience.

Now that you know what to do and how to get started, make it a point to play this enticing and adventurous game. If you are a gamer at heart, I know you will get your crew in it too, so that you all can get to experience the ultimate game, in all its grandeur.