Get Free Gems in Clash Royale

There are many different ways that you can get gems for Clash Royale, however the easiest way is to buy gems but this can get very expensive, very quickly. So how do you remain competitive in the game without having to spend a lot of your hard earned money on gems? There are several different ways to get gems for Clash Royale without having to spend a ton of money. While there are ways to earn gems in the game, it can take a long time to earn just a few gems and the best things in the game require a considerable amount of gems. Therefore, people have come up with numerous hacks that are supposed to give you tons of gems at no cost to you. There are also several different apps available that allow you to earn gems by downloading apps and playing them, or by taking surveys.

Earn Gems While Playing

There are a few ways that you can earn gems while playing the game. However, these gems are usually only given out one or two at a time and are at milestones that can take a while to reach. While it is possible to save up gems just by playing the game, the fact that you only get one or two at a time and the long time it takes to get to these milestones that give out free gems in the game, it would take way too long to earn enough gems to be beneficial. Therefore, many people look for alternative ways to earn free gems.

Using A Clash Royale Hack for Free Gems

There are many different websites that are available out there that promise anything from a few thousand gems at a time to as many gems as you want. However, most of these websites are just a scam and you will waste your time trying to get free gems. Most of the time they just send you to random websites or ask you to fill out tons of long surveys before they give you the gems. However, after filling out these long surveys, the gems still don’t come.

If you do happen to find a hack website out there that really does work and pays out the gems that it promises, it will still probably hurt you in the long run. Clash Royale bans every account from the game that they catch cheating. If you have no history of purchasing gems, and yet you have a lot of gems, then it is obvious to the people monitoring the game that you have figured out a way to hack the game. Once they realize you have cheated, then your account will be banned from the game and you will be forced to start all over.

There are also numerous apps out there that allow you to earn the money for the gems by downloading different apps and playing with them. There are also apps that allow you to earn money for taking varying sized surveys. Once you have enough points on these apps, then you can get a visa card, or credit for your Google Play account that you can use to buy gems for Clash Royale. However, the best way to get free Gems is to use Clash Royale Hack.

Legitimate Apps

While taking surveys and downloading apps may be slower than these instant offers of gems, they are better. You will not be kicked from the game for using this method, as the company still gets the money for the gems. So why this method of getting gems is slower, it is the best overall way to get gems. There are many different apps that you can use for this method, and you can also use several different apps at the same time so that you can earn gems quicker.


There are many different ways to get free gems for the Clash Royale game. These methods each have their own benefits and problems. You can just play the game and earn gems that way, however, that method requires a considerable amount of time and patience. You can try to find a website that will hack the game and give you tons of free gems, however, it is extremely likely that you will get busted for cheating and banned from the game. You can also download apps that allow you to earn money for downloading apps and taking surveys and then you can use the money to buy gems for the Clash Royale game.